Introduction of Indoor Rowing

Indoor Rowing has becoming a popular sport in recent years and it has also become a single discipline of sport. Several international indoor rowing events, namely the 1st and 2nd and 5thAsian Machine Rowing Championships, Inter-port Invitational Championships, and Asian Inter-city Championships and Asian Universities Championships, were held in Hong Kong.

It makes no major difference in skills between indoor rowing and water rowing. Strength, endurance, and perseverance are the major quality of a rower.

At present, many schools, fitness centres, and clubhouses have already been equipped with rowing machines which brought a lot benefits to users and are available for different types of training. For any purchase of rowing machines, please visit the web site of “RowSport Asia Ltd.” as follows:

Competition & Activities

Competition Schedule:
December 16, 2017 「划出彩虹」室內賽艇錦標賽

January – April, 2018

The 18th Hong Kong Universities Indoor Rowing Championships
March 10 – 11, 2018 Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships & Charities Rowathon
8, April, 2018 Samsung 61th Festival of Sport – Indoor Rowing Sprint Challenge
May 3-4, 2018 Inter-School Indoor Rowing Competition (NT District)
May 11-12, 2018 Inter-School Indoor Rowing Competition (HK & KLN District)
Indoor Rowing Activity
September 23, 2017 INRS 2017-2018 Workshop
January 13, 2018

Indoor Rowing Instructor Course (2018IRI01)

Indoor Rowing Instructor Video Learning Resources

Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Record


Structure of Ergo Machine (Model D)

Dimensions and Weight of Each Ergo Machine

  • Length: Around 250cm
  • Width: Around 60cm
  • Height: Around 75cm
  • Weight: Around 26kg
  • Max. Carrying Weight: Around 227kg


(a) Monitor

(b) Slide

Sliding Single

Set up as a sliding single, the indoor rower moves back and forth under you, more like rowing on the water. You get a quicker catch and can row at a higher stroke rate, because you aren’t moving your body mass—you are only moving the mass of the indoor rower.

Team Boat Slide

Connect Models C, D and/or E Indoor Rowers to create a team boat slide. A great training tool for coaches, creating a team boat slide makes your crew work together.

(c) Paper-Free Training Log

The paper-free way to keep track of your training, this smart card captures your workout data directly from your PM3 or PM4. Simply insert the LogCard into the monitor before your workout, and the monitor will store your workout data on the LogCard when you’re done.

(d) Heart Rate Sensor

Concept2 Performance Monitors are designed to receive and display heart rate data. It is not necessary to purchase a separate heart rate watch monitor if you simply want to view your heart rate on the PM. The PM will display your heart rate as long as you are wearing a compatible chest belt, and, if using a Polar H7 chest belt with a PM4, PM3, PM2 or PM2+, you install Concept2’s heart rate receiver and cable.

Universities Indoor Rowing Championships

University Indoor Rowing Championships was hosted by Hong Kong Universities Rowing Championships Organising Committee (HKURC) and the HKCRA will assist them to run it. It will be divided into seven stations at various universities. They are Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University of Hong Kong The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The Education University of Hong Kong. It will be held in January and ends in April every year. For more information, please keep attention on our site.

Indoor Rowing For Schools Programme

  • Background
  • Content
  • Supports offered by the Rowing Association
  • The Role of the Rowing Association
  • New & Past Participating School List
  • Outreaching Coaching Programme (Non-School Team Training)


Indoor rowing is a very good sport and activity for teenagers. It is very suitable to organize for students within the existing environment and setting of schools in Hong Kong. HKCRA has been very active in encouraging and assisting the development of rowing in secondary schools. Despite of the aim to identify potential athletes, the HKCRA organized the “Indoor Rowing for Schools Programme” since 2010 in order to encourage the development of indoor rowing in schools.

Supported by the “Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation”, the HKCRA is currently introducing the “Indoor Rowing for Schools Programme” (INRSP) to all secondary schools. Schools are encouraged to organize indoor rowing activities with tremendous support from the HKCRA.


The HKCRA will lease 4 sets of indoor rowing machines to the participating schools during the programme period. Schools can incorporate indoor rowing into P.E. lessons and organize variety of indoor rowing activities, e.g., regular fitness training, indoor rowing competitions, award scheme for regular participation, fitness test, and sports talent identification, etc.

School’s responsibility

  • Arrange regular indoor rowing activities at the school and encourage the use of indoor rowing machines in different courses and areas.
  • Participate Inter-School Indoor Rowing Championships held by the HKCRA and the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation or consider to take part in other inter-school competitions or inter-district tournament.
  • Encourage students to become indoor rowing competitions official, organizer and technician so that students can achieve all-round development.
  • Carefully handle and use the leased indoor rowing machines.

Supported by the HKCRA

  • Four sets of indoor rowing machines for school activities and training.
  • INRSP Workshop for school teachers/staff. Equipment maintenance, use of indoor rowing machines and organization of competitions are included in the Workshop.
  • Technical advices on training programme and indoor rowing development.

New & Past Participating School List (pdf file downloaded)

Training Centre of 2017-2018

The Training Centre of this year (2017-2018):
  • HKSYC & IA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College
    (Address: 250 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon)