The Schools Sports Programme is organized by HKCRA and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). It began as a small scale district-based scheme since early 90s. It has well developed to a territory-wide programme after years of promotions.


  1. To promote rowing among the young generation
  2. To provide a continuous and healthy extra-curricular activities for the young generation
  3. To improve young generation cardiac and vascular function and physical fitness
  4. To facilitate school Rowing Team by identifying potential students and cultivate team spirit thought-out training and competitions
  5. To nurture young sporting talent into Hong Kong Rowing Team (or squad team)

Program Content

The Schools Sports Programmes has a systematic approach to promote rowing based from schools. Schools act as an excellence platform for the promotion of rowing development towards young generation. Throughout different training, it nurtures the young rowing talent..

Phase I – School Promotion & Assessment and Rowing Centre Visit

The programme starts with School Visit. Qualified rowing coaches from HKCRA will visit schools during the physical education lessons to demonstrate the indoor rowing and conduct the 1-minute assessment. Coaches will collect and analyze students’ height, weight, time-trial results and personal particulars for future schools activities planning. Outstanding students would be invited for a rowing centre visit and selected for the Development Programme.

Phase II – Training Development (Challenge Course) & Joint-school Training (JST) Programme

Students with outstanding performance and good physical fitness will be selected for the Challenge Course (20 hours). Participants will receive a Star 3 Proficiency Certificate and further training in the Joint-school training programme after completion.

In the JST, youngers will be classified according to the age and physical fitness. The training will be held every 2 to 3 days per week and lasts for 3 months. It covers basic rowing techniques, dryland training such as indoor rowing, fitness training. Participants will also be arranged to take park in different competitions.

Phase III – Youth Athletes Training Scheme (YATS)

Youngers who equipped with basic rowing techniques are welcomed to join the YATS and becomes a member in the Hong Kong Rowing Youth Academy. ( Potential youngers will be identified and undergo further training throughout the scheme. After the advanced training, outstanding participants will become a member of Hong Kong junior Rowing Team represent Hong Kong for international competitions. Athletes with excellent performance may be further selected to join the Elite Athlete Programme by Hong Kong Sports Institute.




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