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Coastal rowing is the adventure side of rowing over different bodies of water. It could be rowing out into the sea, resting by the beach, or touring along the coast and so forth. It is one of the fastest growing rowing communities as it can be conducted over various water conditions.

Coastal Rowing Classic Rowing
Condition All kinds of condition Flat water
Boat Features Wide, stronger build but heavier, stable but can cope with rough water condition Streamlined & light, tippy yet good at cutting through water
Technique Choose the best line of rowing & racing, adjust rowing strokes and technique to rowing at the right time Going in straight line, look for consistency and the ‘Perfect Stroke’
Race Format Varies, international formats are a 4 to 6km race or a beach sprint Standard 2000m straight course

Moving forward, it will be included at international games at the fourth Youth Olympic Games in Darak in 2026, and potentially coastal rowing may make its debut at the Paris 2024 Olympics.


Hong Kong is a very suitable city for coastal rowing, given its extensive coastline, geopark and its many beaches, bays and islands.
The first known record of using a rowing boat to go around Hong Kong Island can date back to 1904#. Before the establishment of HKCRA, various rowing activities were organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) in the Victoria Harbour and the rest of Hong Kong southside water. Other than RHKYC being one of the active sports clubs, organising coastal rowing outings and racing throughout the year, we look forward to having more clubs or organizations to include Coastal Rowing at their centres.

Since 2018, HKCRA introduced courses to promote coastal rowing, and to nurture rowing talents. The Association is also actively collaborating with various organisations, and is helping them build up and deliver coastal rowing courses at their activity centres.


Association / Club Area Facebook Page Contact
  • Shatin 
  • Ma On Shan
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
  • Deep Water Bay
  • Causeway Bay
  •  Sai Kung ;
Lantau Boat Club
  • Discovery Bay
  • Mui Wo
  • Clear Water Bay
  • Sai Kung
Hong Kong Water Sports Council
  • Kai Tak
  • Tseung Kwan O
Hong Kong Coastal Rowing And Paddle Sports Society Limited
  • Mui Wo,  Lantau Island 

Boat Class
The International Rowing Federation (FISA) standardized the specifications for coastal rowing boats for the fairness in international competitions, and for the safety of coastal rowing outings. The boat classes are Solo, Double Sculls and Coxed Quadruple Sculls.

Max Length: 6.00m
Min Weight: 35kg
Coastal Events: CW1X, CM1X
Double Sculls
Max Length: 7.50m
Min Weight: 60kg
Coastal Events: CW2X, CM2X, CMix2X
Coxed Quadruple Sculls
Max Length: 10.70m
Min Weight: 150kg
Coastal Events: CW4+, CM4X+


With the increasing popularity of coastal rowing around the world, there are more events and races at both local and international level.

World Rowing Coastal Championships
Started in 2006, the pinnacle event on the coastal rowing racing calendar is the annual World Rowing Coastal Championships. The length of the race is typically 4000m for heats and 6000m for finals with a number of buoyed turns included. Hong Kong crew made their first appearance in 2013, represented by rowers from RHKYC and LBC.
In 2019, HKCRA organised “The 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships presented by Dah Sing Bank”, which was the first recognised “M” Mark rowing event. For the first time organised in Asia, the championships drew around 460 local and overseas competitors from 28 countries and regions came over and raced over the Victoria Harbour. The Hong Kong Team clinched a gold in coastal women’s coxed quadruple sculls and a bronze medal in coastal women’s double sculls.

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Hong Kong Rowing Coastal Championships
To provide coastal racing experience for rowers and to promote coastal rowing, HKCRA organised the HKRCC since 2014.

Around the Island Race
Organised by the RHKYC, the Around the Island Race is a 45km race going around the whole Hong Kong Island. The race is signified by her long distance and very scenic race course along the coastline of Hong Kong Island, with metropolitan skyline on the one side and the tranquil nature on the other side. There is also a land based 45km ergo challenge relay race running alongside to raise money for marine resources protection.

The Tour suits all rowers of all ages and abilities. With the coastal rowing boats, rowers can enjoy and discover the natural beauty. In 2019, 54rowers participated in the HKCRA first rowing tour to the Yan Chau Tong Marine Park (印洲塘海岸公園). Many more outlying islands and beautiful coastlines are waiting for our exploration over the Hong Kong water.

# Credit to the Event Page of Around the Island Race

Coastal Rowing Boat Rental Application

If you would like to use Coastal Rowing Boat,  please contact Facilities Officers at 2699 7271 if you have any enquiries.

Location Type & No. of boats  Fees  Application / bookings  Related Information
RHKYC – Kellett Island
Coastal Coxed Quads (4x+): 2  –  All bookings requires at least 7 working days notices and subject to availability.

For bookings please email to :

Available days :
Every Saturday & Sunday Morning Session (starting from 0900)
Every Wednesday Night Session (starting from 18:30)
(All sessions are “fleet” rowing with RHKYC)
YMCA – Wu Kai Sha
Coastal Doubles (2x) : 4
Coastal Coxed Quads (4x+): 4
YMCA Camp fee :   $100 / person Notice for using facilities at YMCA WKS
YMCA – Wong Yi Chau
Coastal Doubles (2x) :2 YMCA Camp fee :   $100 / person Notice for using facilities at YMCA WYC
LBC – Lantau Boat Club Coastal Doubles (2x) :2
Coastal Coxed Quads (4x+): 1
Available days :
28/01/2023 (Morning Session, Exact Time TBC)
Hong Kong Coastal Rowing And Paddle Sports Society Limited – Mui Wo Water Sports Centre Coastal Single (1x) :10 Camp fee :   $100 / person TBC



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