Vision, Mission & Strategy

Brand Vision

To be a diverse community that leads the future of rowing in the region by championing excellence, reaching out to people with a passion and talent for the sport, and creating quality experiences that showcase the spirit of rowing.

Brand Mission

Fostering an inclusive community of rowing enthusiasts
Bringing dynamism and energy to the rowing field by helping new sectors of the community engage with the sport, connecting and actively sharing their passion with others

Cultivating excellence and diversity in competitive rowing
Encouraging diverse groups to interact through activities that cultivate team spirit, accelerate learning and empower mutual development of sporting skills

Nurturing the next generation of sporting talent
Providing the environment, training and mentorship opportunities needed for rowers at every level – from beginner to elite – to uncover and fulfil their potential

Enhancing the public profile of rowing
Creating awareness that rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed at every stage of ones life no matter what skill level you have, thus supporting activity within the community be it in groups or on an individual basis

Enabling lifelong pathways to rowing
Creating different opportunities to access the world of rowing as a sport and the community of people it attracts, guiding people from discovery, exploration and beyond

Passion to go beyond

At HKCRA, we believe that rowing is so much more than just a sport. It’s a defiant attitude that refutes the right to give anything less than the best of one’s strengths and abilities, a commitment to explore personal and collective potential, and a shared journey of rising up to every challenge that culminates into lifelong bonds of friendships

As the governing body of rowing in Hong Kong, we are driven by an indomitable spirit to go beyond conventional limit and grow an inclusive community of rowing enthusiasts that not only share in our love of the sport, but also a passion to connect to the environment and comradery it fosters.

From advocating wellness through our sport, inspiring and nurturing new sporting talent, to pushing the boundaries of excellence in all that we do, we move beyond the status quo to shape the future of rowing in the region.

Strategic Plan

Please download the Strategic Plan here.

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