Coaches Awards

2017-18 Annual Coaches Conference and Annual Coaches Awards Presentation Ceremony – Photo with Awardees and Presenters

The Annual Coaches Conference cum Annual Coaches Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018-2019 will be held on 24 March 2018 (Sunday).

It aims at recognizing those excellent coaches who have contributed their professional attitude and efforts to the Association, clubs and club members. To recognize the contribution of each coach in different aspects of rowing, the categories of the < Annual Coaches Awards > are as follows:

*Outstanding Home Coach (Open to Nomination)  Nomination Deadline: 14/1/2019


To commend the outstanding coach with most contributions in organization of training, skills improvement and striving for achievements. In the meantime, to commend coach with professionalism as to be good example for other coaches.


Leading responsible team to get prizes in local competitions, manage and participate in overseas competition. To be good example for rowing coaches with professional conduct and behavior.

Nomination Form

*Outstanding Development Coach (Open to Nomination)  Nomination Deadline: 14/1/2019


To commend coach who motivate coaching, participation and development of clubs.


According to the number and growth of participant of responsible club and the growth of Club Assistant Coach.

Nomination Form

*My Favourite Coach Award (Open for Voting)  Voting Deadline: 31/1/2019


Open voting for all rowing lovers to vote for their favourite coach.

Best Coaching Course Student 

To Commend student who get the best grades coaching courses throughout the year.

Coaches Commission Special Award 

To command the party who have the most contribution in the rowing coach development in particular throughout the year. 

List of Past Awardees

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