Hong Kong Rowing Championships

The Hong Kong Rowing Championships for Hong Kong and overseas rowers are held annually. It consists of Open, Junior, Masters, Para-Rowing, Disciplined Services Cup, Corporations Cup Events and Universities Challenges which are raced over two days using the progression system of heats through to finals.

45th Hong Kong Rowing Championships

Corporations & Disciplined Services Rowing Scheme:

Enroll now: https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=8733

Boat with oars rental form:https://reurl.cc/V4EV6A

International Small Boat Championship:https://our.pikacert.com/publish?id=654f25225af9874a7e69f043

Individual: https://our.pikacert.com/publish?id=655726da5af9874a7e69f04a

Team: https://our.pikacert.com/publish?id=65572a185af9874a7e69f04c

W8+ & W4- Revised: https://our.pikacert.com/publish?id=65600b4c5af9874a7e69f058

45th Hong Kong Rowing Championships

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