Para-Rowing (formerly known as “Adaptive Rowing”) is a sport of Rowing which considers the needs of different categories and levels of people with disabilities (e.g. Visual Impaired, Physically Disabled and Intellectually Disabled etc.) and mainly consists of Water Rowing and Indoor Rowing. Both the Rowing and Para-Rowing demand speed, endurance, determination and teamwork.


We promote para-rowing on an inclusive basis and explore the talented and enthusiastic para-rowers take part in the high-performance training.


To echo the vision of the International Rowing Federation (FISA) as well as to promote the idea of “Para-Rowing” in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong, China Rowing Association (HKCRA) has officially formed a “Para-Rowing Commission” in 2003, by inviting Ms. Ho Kim Fai, a retired elite rower, as the Chairperson. It is hoped that, through our well-structured development programmes, people with disabilities can also enjoy the sport of rowing. By enhancing people’s awareness about Para-Rowing, we will be able to build up a strong team and develop Para-Rowing in Hong Kong as well as in other Asian countries.

With the commitment of our athletes, support of coaches and the HKCRA, the Hong Kong Para-Rowing Team which is formed by athletes with physical disabilities and intellectual disabilities, has participated in the FISA World Rowing Championships since 2003. The more encouraging news is that the Hong Kong team has made outstanding performance by becoming the first Asian team getting the Top 8th position in the World Championships.

2005 has been a year of breakthroughs for Para-Rowing. With the efforts of the FISA, Para-Rowing has become the new event and the only newly additional event in the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. Moreover, Hong Kong Para Rowing Team won several medals in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Para Games. Apart from that, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has generously supported the HKCRA to organize “Jockey Club Para-Rowing Development Scheme” since 2005. The Scheme is a rowing promotion and development campaign aiming to attract persons with disabilities to become actively involved in the sport of para-rowing, in order to enjoy the challenge which sport can offer to enrich their lives. Apart from Water Rowing, the HKCRA has also included Para-Rowing into Indoor Rowing competition, so that the para-rowers can also demonstrate their talents in Indoor Rowing.


Para-Rowing is currently divided into three sport classes including PR1, PR2 and PR3. There are five event categories, namely: PR1 Men’s single sculls (PR1 M1x), PR1 Women’s single sculls (PR1 W1x), PR2 Mixed double sculls (PR2 Mix2x), PR3 Mixed coxed four (PR3 Mix4+) and PR3 Mixed double sculls (PR3 Mix2x). For details, you may refer to the below table or

Sport Classes Crew Members
Boat Types
Eligible Rowers
Equipment Considerations
PR1 Men or Women

Single Sculls with Fixed Seat (1x)

Rowers who have arms and shoulder function only, minimal or no trunk function.

  • Wider and heavier boat
  • Fixed seat
  • Chest, Hip/Knee strap
  • Stabilizing pontoons
PR2 One Man and One Woman
Mixed Double Sculls with Fixed Seats (2x)

Rowers who have functional use of the trunk, arms and shoulder movement and who are unable to use the sliding seat to propel the boat because of significantly weakened function or mobility of the lower limbs.

  • Wider and heavier boat
  • Fixed seat
  • Knee strap
  • Optional seat back and stabilizing pontoons
PR3 Two Men and Two Women

Mixed Coxed Four with Sliding Seats (4+)

Rowers who have functional use of legs, trunk & arms with a verifiable and permanent disability.

A PR3 Mix4+ crew may include a maximum of two rowers who have visual impairment.

  • Use the same boat as usual

PR3 One Man and One Woman

Mixed Double Sculls with Sliding Seats (2x)

(Non-Paralympic Event)

Rowers who have functional use of legs, trunk & arms with a verifiable and permanent disability.

A PR2 Mix2x crew may include a maximum of one rower who has visual impairment.

  • Use the same boat as usual


For any organisation or people with disabilities to join the para-rowing, please feel free to contact our staff at the HKCRA


PR1 1x Boat

1a Fixed Seat with Straps
1b Stablizing Pontoon
1c Oars

1a. (Fixed Seat with Straps)

1b. (Stablizing Pontoon)

PR2 2x Boat

2a Fixed Seat
2b Stablizing Pontoon
2c Oars

2b. (Stablizing Pontoon)

2c. (Oars)

PR3 2x Boat

3a Sliding Seat
3b Oars

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