In 2013, the Canadian co-founders of Whitehall Rowing & Sail, developed an innovative new product called the Oar Board® Fit-on-Top Rowing Unit. It converted a stand-up-paddle-board into a single scull rowing boat utilizing a sliding rigger set up instead of a sliding seat.

The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association (HKCRA) has recently adopted this new and exciting element of rowing under the official name of “Board Rowing”, and it is as famous as Coastal Rowing, Indoor Rowing and other rowing events. The equipment set like SUP Board or Surf Board etc. used for rowing is called “Rowing Boards”. Some manufacturers designed an inflatable rowing board specifically for Board Rowing and since then, other similar boards have been designed just for rowing.


Board Rowing offers greater accessibility can be much more accessible than traditional rowing. Anyone who owns a rowing board and the rigger equipment can row from a beach, on a river or the sea. Storage space in Hong Kong is very limited, even for rowing enthusiasts, it is somewhat difficult to store a single scull. Board Rowing breaks through the limitations of size, as it is convenient to store, carry and assemble thus, at an affordable price. Board Rowing is suitable for everyone, especially for water sports lovers. And Board Rowing is ideal for beginners because the rowing board is buoyant, stable and very easy to row.

Equipment Type

Single Rowing Board

A) Rowing Board

B) Sliding Rigger

C) Seat

D) Fin

E) Oars

Double Rowing Board

Coming soon


HKCRA is committed to promote and organize different types of local rowing activities. As Board Rowing is one of the trending emerging sports, with its flexibility and ease of use, this will be a key development project of the Association in the next few years.

HKCRA currently offers two courses for Board Rowing; Galaxy Star 1 course and Board Rowing Introductory Course (BRIC). With the use of board rowing, it teaches the beginners the knowledge of rowing, as well as the basic technique of Board Rowing in 8 hours course.

Details of Galaxy Course:

HKCRA also organises Board Rowing Elementary Instructor Award (BREIA), it aims to educate and enhance the coaching skills and safety knowledge of current rowing instructors. The course is divided into three parts: lecture, group practice and assessment.


The Association encourages and supports local community organizations to develop Board Rowing. Recently, the Association had organised BREIA to Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA), The Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP), The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) and the Scout Association of Hong Kong to increase the number of the Board Rowing Instructors.

Board Rowing Instructor Examination

Rowing Board Rental Application

If you would like to rent Rowing Board, please perusal “Guideline of Hiring Rowing Boat” and Submit the online rental application (Google Form). Meanwhile, please also send the completed “Board Rowing Trip Notice” if you would like to row out Shing Mun River by email to

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