New Board Members of HKCRA after the 40th Annual General Meeting

During the meeting of the 40th Annual General Meeting cum Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony on 16 December 2108.  Mr Mike TANNER,MH, Chairman of the HKCRA reviewed the achievements of the HKCRA in this year and at the same time, a new Director was elected, the updated list of Board Members are:


Vice Chairman



Mr. Michael S. TANNER, MH

Mr. CHEUNG Kwok Fai, Cliff (re-elected)

Mr. NG Kong Wan (re-elected)

Director of Finance


Mr. YU Wai Lun, Marco 

Company Secretary 


Mr. Anthony ROGERS, GBS, QC, JP



Mr. CHEUNG Kwok Keung, John (re-elected)

Mr. CHEUNG Wai Lun, Warren

Ms. HO Kim Fai, Fay

Mr. LUI Kam Chi (re-elected)

Mr. NG Wing Ning, Victor

Mr. Ajmal Victor SAMUEL

Ms. YEUNG Yuk Man, Vick (re-elected)


Mr. WONG Man Wai, Benjamin

The Board of the HKCRA will continue its endeavor for the future development of the sport of rowing.  While, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to all Committees and Commissions, all affiliated Clubs, coaches, umpires and all other volunteers for their dedications and support to the sport of rowing.