Asian Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

The Asian Rowing Indoor Championships (ARIC) is an important annual event in ARF calendar. The current regional and international travel restrictions mean that many national teams are not able to travel at this time.

The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association has been authorized by ARF to organize the 2022 ARVIC as a virtual event, with all competitors taking part from their own location, whether this be at home, at a gym, at their national federation centre or elsewhere. All that is needed to compete is a Concept 2 ergometer with PM4/PM5 monitor, a connection cable, and a computer with reliable network connection and Chrome or IE web browser.

Hong Kong is honoured to host this 2022 virtual event and welcomes all eligible participants holding Asian nationality!

This is a Sanctioned Event in the Qualification for the 2022 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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2022 Asian Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

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