Asian Continental Qualifier for 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships

The 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH), presented by Concept2, is to be held virtually and and Hong Kong China is named as the host of the Asian Continental Qualifier.

The 2021 WRICH Qualification will include two pathways for competitors to earn a place in the WRICH Finals: an Open Qualification pathway and a Continental Qualification pathway.

The Asian Continental Qualifier for the WRICH will take place on 24 January 2021. On behalf of the Asian Rowing Federation, the Hong Kong China Rowing Association is honored to be invited to host this spectacular event.

The qualification event for Asia is open to all competitors who hold a valid passport of a country in Asia. The list of countries shall be as recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia.

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Asian Continental Qualifier Event for 2021 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

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