Hong Kong, China Rowing Team Celebrates Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou


Hong Kong, China Rowing Team Celebrates Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

[Hangzhou, China] – [25 September 2023] – The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association is proudly to announce the outstanding achievements of the Hong Kong, China Rowing Team at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou. On Day 2 of the Finals, the team added 2 medals to its previous day’s achievement, finishing with a total of 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals.

In the Men’s Pair (M2-) final, the reigning Asian Champions Lam San Tung and Wong Wai Chun clinched the gold medal with an awe-inspiring performance, finishing the race with a 3.9-sec margin over the Uzbekistan crew. Their confidence and experience came into play when they found themselves +0.57 seconds  behind Uzbekistan at the 1000m mark.  Fighting back over the second half of the course they pulled strongly ahead of the field with a perfect display of rowing, to earn the first gold medal for Team Hong Kong, China in the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games.

“It was a challenging race, but we remained focused and gave our all. We are incredibly proud to have won this gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. We are grateful for the support of our teammates, coaches, SF&OC and the Hong Kong, China Rowing Association. This victory is a testament to our hard work and dedication,” said the gold medal Men’s Pair.

The Women’s Pair (W2-) crew of Leung King Wan and Cheung Hoi Lam rowed an inspired race. Strongly challenged by the Korea crew in the middle stages of the race, the HKG rowers drew on their training and teamwork to keep their advantage and draw ahead in the last 500m to cross the finish line in a convincing second place, capturing the silver medal.

The Final of the Men’s Single Scull (M1X) event pitched Olympian Chiu Hin Chun against Zhang Liang, China’s legendary World Champion rower and also the Japan sculler fresh from the World Rowing Championships. Chun’s first half of the race saw him pass the 1,000m point in 4th place., but over the next 500m he fought back to 3rd and in the final stages he came very close to catching the Japan rower as they came to the finish line. Against such world level competitors, Chun’s resulting bronze medal put him in excellent company.  Chun has now stepped onto the medal podium for two consecutive Asian Games.

Results of HKG team in the Day 1 Finals on 24th September:

LW2X: Hung Wing Yan Winne, Wong Sheung Yee – 6th place (7m 25.27s)

W2X: Ko Cho Kiu, Lee Hoi Kiu – 8th place (7m 42.09s)

W4-: Hui Wing Ki, Leung King Wan, Wong Lok Yiu, Cheung Hoi Lam – 4th place (7m  04.85s)

LM2X: Chan Chi Fung, Chan Tik Lun – 6th place (6m 39.85s)

M2X: Ho Siu Wing, Head Jaden Li – 8th place (6m 58.55s)

M2-: Lam San Tung, Wong Wai Chun – Gold Medal (6m 44.20s)

M4-: Chau Yee Ping, Wong Ho Yin, To Siu Po, Yeung Man Hon – 7th (6m 28.26s)


Results of HKG team in the Day 2 Finals on 25th September:

M1X: Chiu Hin Chun – Bronze Medal (7m 00.55s)

W1X: Leung Wing Wun – 6th place (8m 10.72s)

W2-: Leung King Wan, Cheung Hoi Lam – Silver Medal (7m 42.00s)

M4X: Ho Siu Wing, Chan Yuk Man, Chen Pak Hong, Head Jaden Li – 8th place (6m 33.21s)

The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association extends its heartfelt congratulations to all crews in the Hong Kong Rowing Team – to all athletes, coaches and support staff  for their outstanding achievements at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who have contributed to the success of the Hong Kong Rowing Team. Their unwavering commitment, guidance, and tireless efforts have played an integral role in shaping these exceptional athletes and their journey.

The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association remains dedicated to fostering and promoting the sport of rowing in Hong Kong. We are committed to nurturing future talents, supporting our athletes, and ensuring that our rowers continue to achieve remarkable feats on both the regional and international stage.

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