Updated List of Board of Directors of the Hong Kong, China Rowing Association

The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association (HKCRA) is pleased to inform you that the 44th Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on 18th December 2022 at Olympic House and included elections of Directors. As a result of the elections, officials and Board of Directors of the Association are now as follows: –



Mr. Michael S. TANNER, BBS, MH



Mr. NG Kong Wan

Vice Chairmen


Mr. Ajmal Victor SAMUEL



Ms. YEUNG Yuk Man, Vick (re-elected)

Director of Finance


Mr. Thuan Gia TRAN

Company Secretary


Mr. YEUNG Chun Wa, Ron



Mr. CHEUNG Ming Hang, Keith (re-elected)

Mr. LEUNG Ka Cheong (re-elected)

Mr. LUI Kam Chi (re-elected)

Mr. NG Wing Ning, Victor


Mr. Mark Thomas WELLES (re-elected)

Mr. WONG Man Wai, Benjamin (re-elected)

Message from Mr. NG Kong Wan, the Chairman of the HKCRA, is attached herewith for your perusal.

The Board of the HKCRA will continue its endeavour for the future development of the sport of rowing.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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